Alice on Wednesday Shop in Tokyo!

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Do you want to enter a strange world, following the white rabbit like Alice in Wonderland?
In “Alice on Wednesday”, a special themed shop full of amazing products and secrets, you have the chance to do it.






After Osaka and Nagoya, Alice on Wednesday opens a new shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, bringing the possibility to feel like Alice and walk around the three floors of the shop.

We all know that Wednesday is the most boring day of the week. Alice on Wednesday was named after a wish of turning the boring mid-week day into a special day. That’s why they have created the concept of shopping that tries to make a normal day more pleasant and change it into a special moment for their customers, just like how Alice turns her boring day into a fun fantasy adventure.

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The first thing you will notice when you arrive at the shop is the entrance itself… Which one is the real entrance to the shop? Among the different doors outside, only one door has access inside. In fact the smaller one is the real one, you will need to bend or crouch a little to enter.

Let’s begin with the first floor, the Kitchen of the White Queen. In this floor you will find Alice motif snacks, like original colorful popcorns, marshmallows, curry, candies and icing cookies. The most popular items on this floor are the fruit mix popcorn, the Alice inspired “Drink me” bottles and the amazing cookies.

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At the stairs from the first to the second floor, we can find a beautiful statue of the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, another important character from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” from 1865.

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On the second floor, called “Red Queen of the Court”, the shop sells Alice themed accessories like necklaces, rings, earrings, watches and so on which are reasonably priced (500~2000 JPY).
There are also 20 Alice related characters hiding on this floor that some customers might not notice if they are very focused on shopping. Try to find them under the tables, like the cards!

The red throne shown in the picture below can be used by everybody, so don’t hesitate to sit on it and take a picture with the crown crystal mosaic as a background.
At the stairs leading to the third floor there’s a Cheshire Cat picture that will follow your steps with his eyes!

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On the third floor, “The Hatter Atelier”, there’s a collection of specially designed items for the shop like t-shirts, bags, pillows, umbrellas and much more.
We also want to mention the official Macmillan merchandise from the British publishers of the original novels of Lewis Carroll. Among those items we can find for example this Humpty Dumpty key holder. Humpty Dumpty is a character from an English nursery rhyme popularised particularly by “Through the Looking-Glass” (1872), the sequel of Alice in Wonderland.

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Alice on Wednesday is run by the same company that operates CouCou, a successful accessory store in Japan. The shops get extremely busy on weekends, so busy that sometimes they have to control the number of customers that can enter the store.


~Alice on Wednesday Tokyo~

First opens on: October 23, Thursday
Address: Kanon Building 6-28-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open on: Monday ~ Sunday between 11:00~20:00 (May be closed on Year End and New Years)
Phone: 03-6427-9868
Access:3 minutes’ walk from the station of Meiji jingu mae by Tokyo Metro
5 minutes’ walk from the station of Harajuku by JR-EAST

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