Harajuku is a very popular place in Tokyo, both among tourists and young people.

Takeshita Main Street is full of Gothic, Lolita and many other punk styled clothes shops,as well as shops selling casual clothes and accessories too.

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In addition, there are many Japanese crepe shops and “kawaii goods” shops in Harajuku.
The town has several small alleys which are full of stores selling different kinds of cute and fashionable clothes,
often visited by many young people and tourists alike.
Many world famous fashion designers are known to come here to get inspiration.




One of the icons of Harajuku is Jpop star and fashion model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
Her unique, colourful and often extravagant sense of style is symbolic of Harajuku fashion.

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By train

JR Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line is the obvious way to get to Harajuku. The station is very conveniently located next to both the entrance to Meiji Jingu and the beginning of Omote-Sando. You can walk from Shinjuku in about 25 minutes, or from Shibuya in about 15.

By subway

Meiji-jingu-mae Station (on the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin subway lines) has exits onto Meiji-dori and right in front of the entrance to Meiji Jingu, next to JR Harajuku Station. The subway is better than JR for getting here from central Tokyo, but the Yamanote Line is easier if you are coming from Tokyo Station. The nearby Omotesando Station (on the Ginza and Hanzomon subway lines) is located further down Omote-sando near the intersection with Aoyama-dori. Omotesando station has a variety of boutiques and restaurants located in the underground station complex.

On foot

Harajuku is only 15 minutes away from Shibuya by foot, just follow the train tracks along Koen-dori from the scramble crossing. (You should pass Tower Records on your right and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on your left.) If you have more time, see the suggested walking tour below.



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