Superb view of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route


This time we want to present the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (立山黒部アルペンルート).
Completed in 1971, this awesome and beautiful mountain route passes through the Northern Japan Alps.

Various forms of transportation are available, like buses, cablecars, etc.

kurobe tateyamadayo

Visitors can enjoy beautiful landscapes during different seasons of the year. In spring, accumulated snow, and in summer and autumn flowers and autumn leaves.
Yukino-ōtani is the most famous sightseeing spot from April to June. You can see huge walls of snow just before Murodō along this route.

The route connects Toyama City in Toyama Prefecture  and Omachi Town in Nagano Prefecture.The route is inaccessible from December to April. So if you want to visit, you have time till November 30.tateyama01 Private cars are prohibited.

Let’s begin in Toyama City from west to east:

・Toyama Chiho Railway

From the rural zone of Toyama City, this train travels from Dentetsu Toyama Station to Tateyama Station. A one way trip costs 1200 JPY and takes around 1 hour.

・Tateyama Cablecar


The Tateyama Cablecar travels from Tateyama Station to Bijodaira Station in only seven minutes. A one way trip costs 720 yen.

・Highland Bus


This bus travels between Bijodaira Station and Murodo. A one way fare costs 1710 yen and it takes  approximately 50 minutes. During the spring, the bus travels through the Tateyama Snow Corridor. The snow corridor is formed due to the accumulation of snow. The walls can reach as high as 20 meters.


One section of the snow corridor near Murodo is open to the public. Walking is permitted here but only from mid April to mid June. Near the Murodo Station you can find Hotel Tateyama, the highest hotel in Japan.


・Tateyama Trolley Bus


Electric powered buses can transport you through a tunnel between Murodo and Daikanbo. A one way trip costs 2160 JPY and takes 10 minutes.


This is the station to transfer people between the Tateyama Trolley Bus and Tateyama Ropeway. The station has incredible views of the Tateyama mountains. An observation deck is also available.

・Tateyama Ropeway


1.7km long, it is Japan’s longest ropeway. No support towers are present between the two stations. A one way ticket costs 1300 JPY and takes 7 minutes. You’ll arrive at Kurobedaira, the transfer station for Kurobe Cablecar where you can find a restaurant and a souvenir shoptateyama06 tateyama07

・Kurobe Cablecar

kurobe ke-buru

The Kurobe Cablecar travels between Kurobedaira and Kurobeko Station and runs entirely through a tunnel. It takes 5 minutes and costs 860 JPY.

・Kurobe Dam

Kurobe Dam is Japan’s tallest dam (186m). There’re boat .ruises available at Kurobe lake from June to November.


・Kanden Trolley Bus and Ogizawa-Omachi Bus


For the last stretch, buses are available from Kurobe Dam to Ogizawa and from Ogizawa to JR Shinano-Omachi Station. The former costs 1540 JPY and takes 15 minutes, while the latter costs 1360 JPY and takes 40 minutes.

More information is HERE

Toyama Prefecture

Nagano Pref

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