Revived Kowloon Walled City!

IMG_7122                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Have you heard of Hong Kong’s infamous Kowloon Walled City ?
The original was demolished in 1994 due to its sinister reputation as well as unhygienic living conditions.

The Japanese amusement game park company, Kawasaki Warehouse resurrected the city as a Game centre complete with its eerie feel.


IMG_6673 IMG_6173


The entrance looks suspiciously smoked, it seems to lead to a whole new dimension.

The atmosphere is eerie and the appearance of the buildings gives off a creepy aura. Once inside however, you can hear different voices and sounds in Chinese.


IMG_0535 IMG_1131

IMG_6469 IMG_1097 - コピー


On the second floor the hustling and bustling sounds of Kowloon City have been reproduced. The sounds create the illusion of visiting the city in Hong Kong.
It truly feels like the real deal.


IMG_0861 IMG_0751

IMG_8262 IMG_0849


The company that built the warehouse actually went to Hong Kong to get a feel of the real walled city.
They then reproduced Kowloon City as close as possible to the real thing.


IMG_9000 IMG_0797 IMG_0812 IMG_0821


A lot of coin operated arcade games are placed throughout the city.
There are a variety of games like darts, medal games, music games, shooting games, etc.
A lot of games have been studded.

IMG_0925IMG_0785IMG_0974IMG_0690IMG_2581IMG_8450 IMG_0742IMG_0977


Come to the Kawasaki Warehouse to experience Kowloon Walled City!

warehouse kawasaki



Address】3-7 Nisshin-cho, kawasaki-ku, Kawasakishi, Kanagawa pref.

【Business hours】
Mon~Fri 9:00~23:45
Weekend  7:00~23:45

Directions Details

Tokyo Station-Keikyu Kawasaki Station-A 10 minutes walk from Keikyu Kawasaki station(Train fare 400JPY, Take times:Train 25minutes,Walk 10minutes)
Tokyo Startion-JR Kawasaki Station-A 10 minutes walk fromJR Kawasaki station(Train fare 310JPY, Take times:Train 18minutes,Walk 10minutes)
・Persons below the age of 18 are not admitted.


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