Hustle and bustle at Ameyoko shopping street


A few days ago we visited Ameyoko shopping street (アメ横), a very popular street around the Ueno Park.

“Ameyoko” is short for “Ameya Yokocho” (literally “Candy Store Alley”), as candies were sold there originally. Although not official, “Ame” also refers to “America”, as a lot of black market American products were sold there in the years following WWII.


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Today you can find goods  such as vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, dried foods, spices and a lot more.

You can find clothes shops, bag shops, cosmetic shops, game centers, pachinko, relaxation areas, internet cafes and so much more.

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Eventhough quality-wise it does not match up to Ginza, Ameyoko is still worth visiting for the low price goods, street restaurants and Izakayas.


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Ameyoko is indeed a refreshing traditional style shopping area set inside the futuristic city of Tokyo.



The opening and closing hours vary depending on the stores. But typically they open at around 10:00 and close at 19:00. Many stores remain closed on select Wednesdays.

・The market extends between the train stations of Ueno and Okachimachi of the JR Yamanote Line.

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