Churaumi – Experience the ocean depths……ON LAND!!!


Situated in Okinawa, Churaumi (美ら海) is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Churaumi literally means “beautiful sea” in Okinawan Japanese.

It forms a part of the Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa and is officially known as Okinawa Churaumi Suizokukan (沖縄美ら海水族館).


Churaumi aquarium has a total of 77 tanks housing fish, sharks, corals and other deep sea creatures. The largest of the tanks, known as the “Kuroshio sea” features whalesharks and manta rays and around 70 other species. The “Coral Sea” aquarium also features nearly 100 species of coral.


Churaumi whaleshark

Churaumi manta ray

Other attractions:


Whaleshark Statue:

Right at the front of the aquarium, one can see a life size statue of the largest fish in the world: The whaleshark.

Churaumi front


Uminchu Gate:

Beautifully designed and spacious, the Uminchu gate complex gives visitors a commanding view of Okinawa’s Emerald sea and Ie island.

Be sure to visit the top of the aquarium for a very nice view!!



Want to know what a sea creature feels like? At Inoh’s “Touch Pool” you can try touching starfish and sea cucumbers. Also don’t forget to try out authentic Okinawan cuisine while gazing at the East China sea at the Inoh restaurant!!


Coral Reef World:

Here you can learn about different types of dangerous creatures living in coral reefs and view the respective specimens.


Churaumi Theater: 

Enjoy Hi-Vision documentaries exploring Okinawa’s oceanic life and their relationship with the Okinawan people.


Shark Research Lab:

An exhibit dedicated to sharks, try feeling an actual shark skin and don’t forget to take a picture in the jaws of a giant prehistoric shark!!


Aqua Room:

Go underwater without getting wet!! The aqua room’s ceiling is an underwater window enabling one to feel like they’re living in the ocean!


Deep Sea World:

Want to see the weirdest creatures in Okinawa’s ocean? Look no further than the Deep Sea World! The depths of the oceans are very harsh environments, to survive here, life often takes very strange forms..


Ocean Planetarium:

Enjoy a completely “natural” underwater light show featuring corals and fish that glow in the dark!!



Opening hours:

From October to February, Churaumi is open from 08:30 to 18:30, where the last admission is at 17:30.

From March to September, Churaumi is open from 08:30 to 20:00, where the last admission is at 19:00.

NOTE: Churaumi is closed on the first wednesday and thursday of December.


Admission fees:

From 08:30 to 16:00, admission for 1 adult costs 1850 JPY.

After 16:00, admission for 1 adult costs 1290 JPY.

Free admission for children under the age of 6 and the handicapped.

Group discounts (>20 persons) and student discounts are also available.

Detailed Directions is HERE
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