Count Dracula’s castle has time travelled to the 21st century! Won’t you join the vampires for tonight’s banquet? Walk along the corridor dubiously glowing red with blood, to the main floor AKA the coffin chamber where the count himself sleeps…

On the ceiling the vampire bats gather on the chandelier. While on the floor, blood red candles flicker dubiously giving an eerie feeling..

03      vamp

There are 17 private rooms in Dracula’s castle named “The victim’s chamber”, “Jet black ritual chamber” , “St.George’s chamber” etc.


03      04

The food served uses French or Italian cuisine as a base along with a variety of drinks, which suit vampires taste-wise and presentation-wise. ( Single dishes start at 800 JPY, meal courses  start at 4000 JPY ).

05  01

Dishes include appetizers, pasta, pizza, deserts as well as original and unusually coloured cocktails with naming schemes such as “White Virgin”, “Dracula –  the count’s charm” etc. You can also get wine and soft drinks as well. ( cocktails start from 800 JPY ).

Couple seats are also available.




   Rasubiru 7F, 6-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

It’s a 3 minutes’ walk from the Subway Ginza Station B3 exit.

It’s a 7 minutes’ walk from the JR Shinbashi Station.

・Phone number



・Opening hours

   17:00~23:30(L.O.22:30 Open all year round)

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