Wagakki Band – Traditional Japanese Rock Band!!

One of the rising stars of the Japanese music industry, Wagakki Band(和楽器バンド) will give you a totally unique musical experience in a generation where music is becoming monotonous. Wagakki means “traditional Japanese musical instruments”, couple that with a rock band and you have Wagakki Band! The unique blend of traditional sounds and mainstream rock music that Wagakki Band is known for is guaranteed to blow you away!!



Wagakki Band consists of Suzuhana Yuuko (Lead Vocals), Kaminaga Daisuke (Shakuhachi),  Ibukuro Kiyoshi (Koto), Machiya (Guitar, backing vocals), Asa (Bass guitar), Ninagawa Beni (Shamisen), Kurona (Wadaiko) and Wasabi (Drums). Suzuhana Yuuko is a national award winner in Shigin, a recital of traditional Japanese/Chinese poems in Japanese. Hence, her Shigin background is very noticeable in the way she pitches the songs. Kurona is also the lead singer of the band “Crow x Class”. Machiya and Asa also serve as the main composers for Wagakki Band. The two of them also have a signature appearance in performances: Machiya never wears any footwear during performances and Asa usually cross-dresses as a girl. Wasabi is also known for his signature shirtless appearance as well as painting a Kanji symbol on his back. Ninagawa Beni always wears super high platform heels for performances. Suzuhana Yuuko is known to wear some of the most beautiful Kimono and combinations you will ever see!


Wagakki Band originally started off by making covers of vocaloid songs. Their most popular cover was for the famous song “Senbonzakura”. Their first album “Vocalo Zanmai” consists completely of Vocaloid covers. Afterwards they slowly started making their own musical compositions. Their first original single was titled “Hanabi”. A few months later they composed their next original song “Ikusa”. This was chosen as end credit song for the video game “Sengoku Musou 4 II / Samurai Warriors 4 II”. It was also the opening theme of the “Sengoku Musou” anime series, and another one of their songs, “Nadeshikozakura”, was its ending theme. Their next big release came in the form of their second album “Yasou Emaki”, consisting completely of original songs (excluding Senbonzakura). Their song “Hangeki no Yaiba” was chosen as the theme song for the live action movie of the anime “Attack on Titan”. More recently, their single “Valkyrie – Ikusa Otome” served as the opening theme of the anime “Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcists). Their latest singles “Kishikaisei” and “Mi.Ra.I” was the theme song and cheer song respectively for the TV Tokyo Rio Olympics relay.

Now, it’s not just their music thats incredible, but also their extremely beautiful traditional/ semi-traditional outfits! A true legacy of the Visual Kei movement! I mean seriously, just watch their MVs’, your eyes will pop out even if you mute the music!! Truly a treat to watch! But don’t just take our word for it, check out their Youtube Channel!

Also check out their official website!

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Vocalo Zanmai / Wagakki Band
Wagakki Band

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