Once upon a time, a tiny fishing village was given to the Daimyo(Warlord) Tokugawa Ieyasu as an insult by his rivals. In retaliation, Tokugawa Ieyasu began massive development projects in the village, later to be known as Edo. Once Tokugawa Ieyasu unified Japan, Edo replaced Kyoto as the capital of Japan. Centuries later, Edo came to be known as Tokyo, one of the largest and technologically advanced cities in the world!

Tokyo is a place that is out of this world! It is one of the best places to fully experience the very unique pop culture of Japan and is guaranteed to make your jaw drop, eye pop or head spin (in a good way of course;p) at some point or the other!!

So let’s take a tour of the jaw dropping, eye popping, head spinning places in Tokyo!!!

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