This one’s dedicated to all you Oda Nobunaga fans, be it from anime or J-dramas! In the southern portion of Gifu Prefecture lies the Mino region and to the north lies the Hida region. Mino used to be ruled by the famous Daimyo, Saito Dousan (AKA The viper of Mino). The name “Gifu” was coined by the legendary Daimyo Oda Nobunaga. After he conquered Mino, Oda Nobunaga renamed Mino to Gifu (from which Gifu prefecture derived its name). Mino is surrounded by low mountains. Summers are hot, winters are cold and large variations in temperature are common.

Also, Tajimi City in the east has experienced the highest recorded temperature in all of Japan.
Ceramics produced in Toki City, Tajimi City and Mizunami City is referred to as “Mino ware”, and account for over 50% of the pottery in Japan. Toki City is the No:1 ceramics producer in Japan.

The Hida-Takayama region is famous for a kind of amulet or toy known as “Sarubobo” which brings good luck in love and marriage. “Bobo” means “baby” in the Hida dialect and “Sarubobo” refers to the baby of a monkey.

Shirakawa village which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a quaint little farming village employing traditional architecture of ancient Japan. One can enjoy a nostalgic and pleasant atmosphere there throughout the year.

The traditional event “Ukai” is held from May – October along the Nagara river which flows through Gifu.
You can enjoy a dynamic view of the “Ukai” if you choose to ride a ferryboat along the Nagara river.

Anyone interested in Japanese history would have atleast heard of the battle of Sekigahara! It was arguably the most famous battle in Japanese history. Well, Sekigahara also happens to be in Gifu.
Speaking of history, one can feel the “castle town” atmosphere even now in Takayama and Mino City.
Gero City is known for hot springs. Of which “Gero Onsen” is the most famous open air hot spring.
Famous products of Gifu prefecture include Hida beef, Mino Japanese paper, Ayu (a kind of fish) and Mino pottery.


Enjoy the history in Gifu!


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