Kanagawa houses many famous tourist areas including Yokohama, Hakone, Kamakura and Enoshima. Kanagawa is famous for Kiyoken shumai (steamed meat dumpling), Yokosuka Navy curry, Wakasagi from lake Ashinoko, Hato Sabure (dove shaped cookies), Ariake Harbour cakes etc.

Yokohama has great spots for dates such as Yokohama’s Chinatown or the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. The view from Yamashita Park at night is also very beautiful! Just going for a walk along Yokohama’s Landmark Tower in itself can create a romantic atmosphere!

Hakone is famous for hot springs! It is also close to the heart of Tokyo. One should also visit the Hakone Open-Air Museum for a very interesting experience. Surrounded by nature and abstract sculptures, it looks and feels very beautiful especially in autumn! Lake Ashinoko is also a must visit in Hakone, the view is breathtaking! In winter, the Hakone Ekiden is conducted which is a famous marathon.

For all you history buffs out there, Kamakura would be a treasure. Kamakura houses famous temples such as Enkakuji, Tsurugaoka Hachiman, and Hongakuji. The Kamakura Great Buddha requires no special mention.

Finally the unique atmosphere at Shonan – Enoshima makes it a popular spot for surfers.

Live it up in Kanagawa!


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