Okinawa is the western-most prefecture in south-western Japan.  Okinawa is rooted in original Ryukyu culture and is a very popular place for sightseeing. Also the people there are known to be kind and friendly. Due to the sub-tropical climate, one can find a lot of very unique flora and fauna. The biggest attractions of Okinawa are its many beaches. So make sure to bring your sun tan lotion and swimsuits!! Coral reefs are clearly visible from the beaches. A truly refreshing sight to behold!

The northern part of the main Okinawan island features the Yanbaru forest. The Yanbaru is home to rare and endangered species such as the Noguchigera (AKA Okinawan woodpecker), the flightless Yanbaru Kuina (AKA Okinawan Rail) and a species of beetle locally known as the Yanbaru Tenagakogane. The Iriomote islands and a part of the Ishigaki island has been collectively designated as the Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park. Mangrove forests are spread across the National Park and if you’re lucky, you might spot an Iriomote mountain cat!

You should also try riding in a water buffalo cart!


Enjoy the sun, sand and seas of Okinawa!


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